Act45’s guide for involved partners

Based on research data it is indicated that more than 25% of all adults, in EU countries, lack basic literacy, numeracy and digital skills. Thus, it is becoming imperative to find new ways to motivate them to participate in relevant educational activities that will help them broaden their possibilities on finding a job.

Recently, a guide that proposes and provides a collaboration framework for the establishment of effective and engaging training programs for unemployed low-skilled adults over 45 years was created by  ActionAid Hellas, in cooperation with INE GSEE, Action Against Hunger, Stara Zagora and RETE NG.

The four main groups of people that are important in this process are: CSO’s, Employers, Training Providers and Policy Makers & Social Partners. This guide demonstrates the main steps to be taken by each stakeholder in order to participate in this collaboration framework.

Learn more and read the guide here.

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