Multiplier Event in Greece

During March the Multiplier Event in Greece was organized. Aim of the event was to bring together people from the field i.e. Employers, CSO’s, Training Providers and Policy Makers in order to present ACT45, its research, findings and work accomplished until now. Moreover, with aim to discuss about the next steps and the challenges in the education and employability of people over 45 years old. The event set the grounds for future collaborations and provided important impact feedback to all participants.

More than 80 participants took part in the online event “Promoting the employability and the lifelong education of people over 45 years old”. Among them the Athens University of Economics and Business, the Greek Employment Organization, AB Vassilopoulos, Teleperformance Greece, Solidarity Now, Grandmama, Food On, Odyssea and more.

Throughout the event participants were presented with the research findings and the two guides that were created during the first year of implementation. One towards the best practices and guidelines for employers and trainers and the second one for CSO’s. Additionally, they were shown the website and platform created and were invited to participate in the network.

Mrs. Galanaki from the Athens University of Economics and Business developed all the findings from relevant research on the participation of mature employees on the work, underlying the importance of including them in work teams, since they bring credibility, experience, and dedication. What is more the age diversity within a working group has been noticed to improve the productivity overall mentioned the project’s manager and employability counsellor in ActionAid Hellas Community Centre in Athens Sofialena Kouremenou.

Representatives from other entities pointed out the importance of improving and creating tools to help the target group and mostly the importance of helping the people of this age group who are facing many challenges in their work life in general since they have to cope with the constant technological and social updates.

All participants had the chance to exchange knowledge and insights on the challenges and the opportunities in regard to the employability of people over 45 years old. But most importantly through the productive discussions had the chance to set the grounds for the best use of the platform and future collaborations.

Check the video on the event here.
Learn more on ACT45 project here.

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