Multiplier Event in Spain

On the  18th of March 2021, Acción contra el Hambre held the Act45 National event through the platform TEAMS.

A total of 123 people participated in the event which covered topics such as:

  • An overview of unemployment for los qualified +45 individuals in Spain and Europe, as well as the solutions we are trying to provide within the project.
  • The experience of a+ 45, low skilled, unemployed adults in their search of employment: barriers and main motivations.
  • The key role of companies in the integration of +45, low qualified, unemployed in training and employment opportunity. Akcnowledged best practices.
  • Act45: Context, identified need, main findings and available results.
  • Experiences exchange among employers, public authorities, training providers and csos. Why collaboration is key.
  • Workshop with companies: towards effective collaboration.
  • Workshop with csos: innovative approaches, procedures and tools for successful collaboration and integration of +45, lowskilled unemployed.

The event finished on  very high note, with main conclusions being the importance of collaboration and joint efforts among all involved stakeholders to combat the labour exclussion suffered by low qualified, over 45 years old adults.

Check Event’s video here.
Check Workshop’s video here.

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