In the EU, it is the people over 45 years old that have not finished high school or lack digital skills who often face the highest unemployment rates. Yet, often these people do not have access to further education in order to be able to break the vicious cycle that keeps them unemployed. So, helping them take part in relevant trainings is essential in order to reduce the risk of social exclusion.

Act45 is looking for solutions by creating collaboration schemes among Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), employers, chambers of commerce and training providers in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Spain, i.e. countries affected by the economic crisis, in order to establish effective local ecosystems, encouraging participation in training opportunities.

To motivate people over 45 years old and lead them to successful employment, Act45 will identify CSOs and training providers already working with low-skilled people and employers with view to increase their perception on the benefits of upskilling and facilitate links to employability. The main aim is to improve socio-labour inclusion, so Act45 will conduct research, create specific methodologies and tailor-made strategies, develop partnerships and produce guidelines and handbooks, seeking to involve the various stakeholders.

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