Completion of Desk Research

Within the context of Act45, the first output on the desk research was recently completed. The research was guided by INE GSEE and in cooperation with ActionAid HellasAction Against HungerStara Zagora and RETE NGO.

Aim of the research, was to investigate the requirements and influential factors for engaging unemployed low skilled adults over 45 years old in trainings. Additionally, important was to identify and study the best practices that motivate and engage the targeted groups of learners.

The cases of all four countries, i.e. Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Spain were studied, gathering data from national and international sources (i.e. European Skills Index, other European Commission sources etc.).

Moreover, special attention was given to the barriers hindering individuals to activate and participate in relevant educational trainings. Theories on motivation and self-guidance were also taken into account, underlying the importance of understanding the after-training opportunities and future changes in adults’ lives and the variations on the different kinds of adult’s learners, making necessary the creation of tailor-made and flexible training programmes.

The views of the employers were also considered, in making the connection with the existing labor market needs in each country and the expected qualifications in terms of expertise, skills etc. for future employees.

Read the full research here.

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